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Please come to memorial/asap
by posted 06/01/2023

We are going to start the game early. 

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Reminder: Thurs 5/6 game
by posted 05/31/2023


Just a reminder that we have one more game on Thursday for the 5/6 team. All squads should dress. Go Falcons!

I look forward to seeing everyone at Laxfest on Saturday as well. 

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Hair braiding tonight
by posted 05/23/2023

Hi Erin Morrison will be at Memorial tonight braiding hair. Please see information on the Instagram account LadyFalconsLaxWW to schedule time.

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Park Ridge 7v7
by posted 05/23/2023

Hi everyone, Wednesday 8pm is a 7v7 vs Park Ridge. They don't have a full team and ghame will play after the 7/8 game.  All squads can come and dress, and kids will play one half or the other.  As it's 7v7, there won't be a lot of playing time, but since it's the last game, all are welcome to come. 

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All Squads active for Tenafly
by posted 05/22/2023

forgot to mention, all squads dress for Tenafly.  

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Tenafly & Pizza
by posted 05/22/2023

Hi everyone,

The season is winding down and MDW is almost upon on. We have games Tues & Wed.

For Tuesday's games vs Tenafly, the coaches will supply pizza after the games.

Can I ask for a few parents on each team to bring drinks and snacks?   Please email me if you're interested and willing.  I'll let you know headcount.

We welcome the instructional girls to stay and watch the 3/4 game on the sideline if they wish and eat pizza w the 3/4 team after their game. 

For parents of 8th graders, stay tuned for scheduling of the Boys vs Girls game (next Friday 6/2) and Coaches vs Kids (next Wed 5/31). 



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Coach Hughes Summer Camp
by posted 05/22/2023

G I R L S  L A C R O S S E  S U M M E R  C A M P

D A T E S : M O N 6 / 2 6 - T H U R S 6 / 2 9 2 0 2 3

L O C A T I O N : W E S T W O O D  H S  T U R F  F I E L D

G R A D E S : 1 - 9

T I M E : 9 A M - 1 2 P M

C O S T : $ 1 6 0 . P E R C A M P E R


Please fill out the registration form online by clicking on this link:
Payment information can be found on the registration form


This clinic is not affiliated with Westwood HS. All forms and inquiries should only be directed to Hughes Lacrosse Academy Director, Marissa Hughes

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