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Next Week and Laxfest
by posted 05/20/2022

Hi Falcons!!


Next week is our last week.  We have 3 games (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday).  We would really like to get the 3 pods to 2 games each.  If you could make sure that your status is as up to date as possible, that will make things easier to figure out numbers-wise.  


Laxfest is June 4th.  For those of you that are new to the program, it is an incredibly fun, family oriented and program uniting day.  I really can't stress enough how absolutely wonderful this is for the players and their families, every sport should find a way to do something like this.  It is $25 per family (NOT per person) and if you are interested please give the money to myself or Gerri Ann (Hannah's mom) by Thursday, she is collecting for the 5/6 team (if you have paid at another age group do not pay again though).  She will undoubtedly be found at the playground during each of the last 3 games.  If you pay with cash, please put it in an envelope with yours or your child's name on it.  If paying by check, your name will already be on it so an envelope is not necessary.


Hope to see you at the games and at Laxfest!!

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K-6 Lax Camp in Sloatsburg w/o 6/27
by posted 05/18/2022

See info for Metro lax camp in Sloatburg!

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Practice Tonight
by posted 05/17/2022

Hi Everyone!


3/4 and 7/8 have games tonight so we will be doing an hour long practice (6:30-7:30) on the small field on the side (next to the sheds). 



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Falcon's Day at High School Postponed
by posted 05/16/2022

Hi all, Due to the weather, game is cancelled and we will try and reschedule. Stay dry.

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This Week's Games
by posted 05/15/2022

Hello Falcons,


Sorry for the late update!  For tomorrow's game (assuming we don't get rained out), we will prioritize play time for the Gray and White pods. 


For Thursday, we will run with Red and Gray.  As usual, if any of the kids can't make it, let us know and we can include them in the other game and if available, send them anyway, if we need extra, we will play them a lot, if we do not, we will try to mix them in as best we can!


There are only a few games left, so please try to update availability for the remaining games.  Also, please try to get the kids to the field 20-30 minutes before gametime for organizational and warm up purposes.


Thank you!!

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Friday & Monday
by posted 05/12/2022

Hi Everyone,


With the Brookside dance this Friday and WRMS orientation for current 5th graders on Monday, we would like to have ALL pods come to both games.  I am unsure what the status of all the players is this Monday but tomorrow night we are looking extremely low (12 confirmed between Red & White and 5 currently marked as attending on Gray).  If we get all 17, we will be fine and if a few more attend we will be even better.


Since there are only 4 (including the make-up game Monday) games left, if we could all update availability as early as possible, it will make things a little easier for us from a logistics standpoint.  We appreciate all the updating you have all done so far this season!


Thank you!

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by posted 05/10/2022

Quick reminder:  We are away tonight so we are wearing our Gray tops!



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Tuesday & Friday
by posted 05/09/2022

Hi Everyone,


Hope all the Moms had a wonderful Mother's Day!  As of right now, I have 25 girls marked as yes for Tuesday and only 16 for Friday.  If you have not updated for Friday, please do so as soon as you can!


For Tuesday night, we are going to prioritize playing time for the Gray and White pods.  If your red pod kids can make it we will try to get them on the field for at least a few shifts as we usually do. 


We will do Red/Gray Friday since more girls are confirmed in those pods.  Numbers are a bit low though, so if you are in White and can make it please come.


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